About Us

Offices Engineering company, from one of the leading companies in Qatar in the area of furnishing offices and the sale of office furniture from desks and chairs and supplies and office furniture, tea tables and desks meetings and curtains and office supplies, furniture, etc. It is a Limited Liability Company located in the Al Gharafa new market.

We are Currently Supplying Office Furniturs and Equipment to

  • Qatar center for introduce the Islam.
  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Ministry of Islamic affairs in all around Qatar.
  • Awqaf with Islamic affairs.
  • Qatar University.
  • Ministry of Finance .
  • Ministry of Power & Energy.
  • Qatar Chemical belong to Qatar Petrol.
  • Broad casting Institute of Qatar TV.
  • Private School's those belongs to the council of higher Education.
  • Barwa Real State Company.
  • General Institution for Customs.

And Other several Government & Private sectors & also individual selling.

Human Resource

Our company workers contains.

Sales manager: 1 Person

Sales executive: 4 persons

Carpenter: 6 Persons

Worker: 6 Persons

Driver: 4 Persons

And Other several Government & Private sectors & also individual selling.

The company capital in operation around 2,500,000.00QR. About 2,000,000.000QR are taken as supply for the latest specifications & various & models international market. In order to guarantee importation speed for all demanded kinds. We are please to inform that our company is continues development & expansion.